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Manuscript Consultation/Coaching


I work with students individually for an hourly rate or an agreed-upon fee. I have helped students organize and edit poetry manuscripts, as well as develop individual poems. In addition to working with students in person, I have worked with poets over email, sending assignments based on published poems and providing commentary on their work. My discussion with Susanna Fry about the process was published in How2.


For a packet of 9 assignments (with packets) and responses (and a phone consultation on the revisions), the price would be $370. Or if you would rather not send revisions, it's $300 for 9 assignments and responses. 



For manuscript editing, I usually charge 40 dollars an hour., around 450 dollars for a 70 page poetry manuscript. 


Some feedback from former students:


"Working with Joanna Fuhrman has kept me motivated to continue creating poetry in my post-MFA life. Joanna’s suggested writing prompts are innovative and challenging, and her follow-up critiques are thoughtful responses that highlight her years of experience teaching poetry. Working with her always gives me that extra push to keep writing and submitting my work."  --Kelly A.


"So grateful to have met Joanna at a poetry writing workshop sponsored by the Poet's House. Thanks to her, I was able to complete my first book of poetry, which also led me to write two plays based on those poems. She's an outstanding editor, mentor and poet who gave me advice that not only improved the poems we worked on together, but also my writing overall." -Gina I







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