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Alice James Books 2009

“Joanna Fuhrman is a witty visionary for our virtual age. Her poems invite you not just to read but to become immersed in their delightfully protean postmodern landscapes. The work is both exotic and mundane, retro and futuristic at the same time. Pulsating with surround-sound and a panoply of ‘neon fluid’ special effects, this book startles as it entertains.”
—Elaine Equi


“Forget New York poetry. Forget Language poetry. Forget desires for a totalizing poetics. Fuhrman is a leader in the particular, in ‘infra-surrealism.’ She taboos nothing; no form impedes her complete wit. This full poetry is not only ‘feminine, marvelous, and tough,’ but subtle, searching, and wounded—sexual, social, and smart. Fuhrman celebrates new truth-telling, an art of the spectacular pageant.”
—David Shapiro

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