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Freud in Brooklyn

Hanging Loose Press


"Joanna Fuhrman's is a starkly original voice, vivid with the tensions of wit and empathy, sly incongruity and intellectual passion. FREUD IN BROOKLYN marks a stunning debut."--Linda Bierds

"Joanna Fuhrman's FREUD IN BROOKLYN is rich in content, charged with fresh energy and fresh experience. Her poetry very often starts with a particular situation and then explores it many different ways. She is entertaining, ironic and often, quite wise."--Lars Gustafsson

“There is an uncanny precision to Joanna Fuhrman’s poetics…that results in an elevated awareness…. Each poem presents a view of the world so raw and immediate it has the eerie luridness of hyper-realistic art…. Her use of image, sound, and semantic nuance warms every page with the intricate brocade of human experience.”
– John Olson, Rain Taxi

An “"impressive first collection…. Ms. Fuhrman’s poems show that when the poet has fun writing, readers will have fun, too."”
–--David Lehman, The Wall Street Journal

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