Poetry Workshops

for Adults

Since 2002, I have taught small private poetry workshops for adults in the New York City area. Students have included recent college graduates, published poets with MFAs and/or books, artists from other disciplines new to poetry, English teachers, and lawyers. What unites these students is a willingness to experiment and expand how they think about poetry. The emphasis is on generating and revising new work, and classes involve optional assignments in response to handouts and discussions of published poetry, in-class writing games, and critiques of student work. A typical workshop meets weekly for eight to ten sessions at my apartment in Brooklyn. There is a limit of seven students, and I try to keep the workshop reasonably priced. At the end of the workshop, we usually have a group reading at a local bar or cafe.  I also provide beverages and snacks (usually popcorn and cookies) each week.  I am proud that former students have gone on to win book contests and fellowships.

Please email me with questions. If you are interested in my private workshop, I will ask you to send 3-4 pages of poetry to apply for the class.


In the Spring, my weekend classes are full. (I'll keep a wait list.) I have room in a class on Tuesday evenings, starting March 26th. It will be 6 sessions and cost $200. Some assignments will be based on

Terrance Hayes, American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin 

Here are some quotes from people who have taken my workshops in the past:


"When it comes to poetry, Joanna is one of the best-read people I know, and she brings her extensive knowledge and experience to her workshops. In Joanna's workshops, I've had the chance to discover the thrill of practicing poetry as an evolving, multi-step process, drawing on a range of games and exercises to generate material. The quality of the homemade popcorn she serves is second only to that of the in-class discussions. These are an invaluable opportunity to get thoughtful critique on drafts, and with that feedback, I've been able to turn many rough pieces into polished, publishable poems. Joanna’s workshops are a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of work done and fine-tune your craft in a friendly and supportive environment, which is why I've kept coming back to them over the past eight years." --Lauren R. 


"Joanna's creativity as teacher and writer is endless. She inspires new, lovely, strange -- good strange -- work. Her popcorn is five-star. "---Sarah S


"Joanna's workshop is fun and inspired, helping me write new and revise old poems." --Chris S.


"Joanna's class helped me to hone my skills as a writer. Her assignments were fun and spot-on; always a challenge.  I am taking her class again because I enjoyed her laid-back teaching approach, the in-class projects, and the amount of knowledge I came away with. She also carefully chose poems for class, which I immensely enjoyed. I highly recommend her." —-Erica L.






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